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Baby birds

We've had several bird parents bringing their kiddos to the feeders in the past 2-3 days. Mama Robin brought 2 young'uns. We saw a sparrow a couple weeks ago. The juvenile redbellied woodpecker stayed on a nearby tree while its parent flew back and forth from it to the suet feeder ("See? Here's where the warm beef fat is! Eat it!").

The cardinals are the repeat parents. Every year they bring a couple of broods per year to the feeders. This time they brought their son - not quite red colored yet and with a black beak, still young - and he started figuring out the food too.

Then! Yesterday afternoon, Huxrin and I were backing out of the driveway and I saw the black-bellied whistling ducks crossing the road! There were 6-8 ducklings, a good success rate this year! ^_^ BBWD nest in trees - they used to be called tree ducks - and after all the babies jump or fall out of the nest, it's off to find water for them. Huxrin was able to get her camera video in time to catch them just as they finished crossing the road.

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