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Recipe: Steak & snow peas salad thing

I got this from a magazine and here's how I put it together, not quite like they did it:

  • Leftover steak, already seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning. You could probably use whatever already-cooked-seasoned protein you want.
  • Snow peas, cut into thirds
  • a cup of edamame (out of pods)
  • fresh mint (my own mint! that plant will survive the apocalypse)
  • oil (I used canola, you're probably supposed to use EVOO or whatever floats your boat)
  • caramelized onions (didn't use enough of these to matter; original recipe called for raw red onion, ew)
  • salt/pepper to taste
  • can of mandarin oranges, drained
  • fresh corn kernels cut off the cob, a couple ears' worth

How I did it
Warmed up the steak, cut into strips and bite size pieces.
Cut up the snow peas. HAHA I forgot to take off the stems.
Warmed up the edamame (was in one of those frozen "steam it in the bag" packages and it was fine)
warmed up the (frozen) caramelized onions. This was the last minute addition and was too little to count. Next time, more.

Mix everything together: steak, oranges, mint, oil (3 T maybe?), snow peas, edamame.

The oil/mint/oranges go fantastically well with the steak. Next time, more oranges. Maybe the whole 15oz can.
This doesn't know whether it wants to be a hot salad or a cold salad (the veggies are room temp, the steak is warm?)
I like snow peas. Nobody else in the family does, so nobody else touched this. The recipe made enough for 4 people. I don't like that many snow peas.
Next time I would probably drop the snow peas, or at least reduce them by half, and add more edamame. I added the corn because it was there and to break up the relentless snow peas.

Also, I foolishly ate this after my jaw had stiffened up during the night from last week's dental work, and chewing was painful.

That said: I like the basic concept but will make adjustments as noted.

This is all because I'm trying to eat more vegetables but can't stomach leaf veggies. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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