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Tomato salad and trail mix cake

For Mother's Day I made two things for the family get-together. (It was a cookout, with burgers, steaks, hot dogs; Mom made potato salad, etc.) I made a tomato and corn salad, and a cake.

The tomato/corn salad also has feta cheese and a vinaigrette dressing (not balsamic). None of my tomatoes/corn were ready for this - okay, that's a lie, but I'm saving my own tomatoes for straight up eating :P I bought a pint of mixed color cherry & grape tomatoes and cut them in halves or thirds and that was fine.

This is not a good picture of my cake but I was very proud of the cake. New recipe, "trail mix cake" - it has craisins, coconut, sunflower seeds, mini chocolate chips, diced dried pineapple, sliced almonds, probably something else I'm forgetting. It has a lot of stuff, is the point. As Dad said when I served it, "I'm sure there's some flour in there somewhere to hold it all together."

It also has a homemade buttercream (yes! I did it!) and the only real flaw there is that Mom likes her cakes refrigerated and buttercream seems to need serving at room temperature. The top/filling has more Stuff in it and the sides were plain buttercream because I ran out of buttercream and had to make a half batch with the last of the unsalted butter to do the sides.

Still: excellent! Though as we suspected, the kids were "ew, fruit and nuts in a cake? gross" so only the adults ate it. As a result, half of this cake is now in the freezer for another time.

I intend to make an Almond Joy cake for Father's Day, or perhaps a Mounds cake, since the kids probably won't want nuts in that one either. Then again it'll have coconut so who knows?

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May. 15th, 2018 02:50 am (UTC)
Forgot to say, both your cake and the salad look very tasty. I've never thought of using tomatos and corn as the main ingredients before.
May. 15th, 2018 04:37 pm (UTC)
I haven't posted the cake recipe yet but the corn-tomato salad recipe is here: http://laridian.livejournal.com/3061665.html
(DW: https://laridian.dreamwidth.org/2712129.html)

This time I used 1 T of sweet onion instead of shallots, and I didn't get that awful raw onion aftertaste. Still skipped the miso and added another T soy sauce instead. Used feta cheese. Still delicious.


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