Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Garden week 9

Hey! I'm getting the garden photos out on time this week! :D

All of these are "click to make big".

So here's the carrots. I'm not in charge of the carrots. Someone is thinning them (I presume Huxrin, they're her project) because the thinned seedlings are going into the birds' fodder.

You'll have to click this one if you want to see the strawberry! Yes! One ripening strawberry! It's in the container on the left. Also the coleus need to be transplanted soon and I don't know where I'll find containers for them because I barely expected them to sprout, let alone this many.

Corn & tomato prison. Corn is pushing the top of the netting. All the plants are benefitting from the stability. Some very tiny ears with silk have appeared!

The squash prison. Sadly we can't remove it now, the vines have intergrown too much, so we'll have to snip some of the netting and re-drape some more for this to work. Lots of flowers. I discovered the problem with the fruit is probably a lack of calcium, so we're onto a calcium fertilizer now and I hope that means we get squash now.

A closeup of some of the Cherokee Purples while still green. Look at that one on the right! It's so wonderfully lumpy! :D

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