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Quilting update

Still working on the state blocks and I haven't posted them in ages, so it'll be quite a bunch when they happen. I did a complete redesign of NJ and TX and NY will be a completely new design as well.

At the quilt festival 6 months ago, I visited a booth with a book & notions I really liked. I bought some stuff and got the business card, which I still have. I've been thinking about that book of patterns for the past 6 months so I figured, it's meant to be. I've ordered it (very small publishing house! Supporting small craftswoman!) and can't wait for it to come in.

The patterns are for "postage stamp" quilts, which is something I've wanted to do for some time now. I realized I'll have a lot of fabric left over from the Postcrossing quilt, so I'm going to use that as squares for the postage stamp quilt. It's still sort of postage themed, see? ;)

Plus it was good I waited - I'm getting the new edition of the book, which has some errata fixes and extra stuff. Woot!

I cleaned out my pattern binders; I've got 2 binders of "patterns I'd like to do" and so far one very full binder of "completed". I went through the "to do" binders and cleared out some that no longer interest me. I still want to make a "house" quilt too but I kinda forgot what theme I was doing... need to take a look at whatever I was writing about that originally.

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