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Garden week 8

Time for yesteday's garden photos (still taking them on Saturdays but if I get them posted Sundays it's OK). Can you believe it's been 8 weeks already? I can't! I'm glad I'm numbering these or I wouldn't really know.

btw the temps are now in the mid to high 80s F (30+ for those on C) and it's only going to get hotter. At this point, if you haven't gotten those tomatoes already sprouted and growing, it's too late. And in theory you can try again in August but I don't know if that's a long enough growing season, tbh.

Anyway! The veggie cages prisons secure holding facilities for their own protection are now in place. (pix can be clicked to embiggen)

Squashes and watermelon and a basil plant desperately trying to not get hurt. There are several buffernuts now starting to grow and I super hope nothing happens to them. Just because the plants are safe from critters doesn't mean they couldn't catch a disease somehow :(

Meanwhile the corn and tomatoes are in their own place. Corn is planted in rows but for best pollination the rows should be in blocks, if you get my drift. Some of them already have tassels, as I've said before. There are at least 2 kinds of corn (maize) in there, maybe 3. I normally buy 2 different kinds for better pollination and then we had some leftover seeds from a previous year, so who knows what we'll get?

I really want to get some Gem Glass corn sometime though. Maybe next year.

Some tomatoes, I think the Better Boys.

The Cherokee Purples. The CP is incredibly prolific and has lots of smaller tomatoes and at all stages of growth. They've been described as looking "ugly like a bad leg bruise" but also very tasty, and that's what matters.

I know it's hard to tell, but allegedly these carrots have been thinned once in a while. The strawberry plants do have a berry on them. The coleus (far right) are coming along. Those are supposed to be annuals, but man, they're growing super slow.

And here are the CPs today! Look! They're turning reddish-purple! :D :D :D

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