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Not a lovely bunch of coconuts

I wanted to buy coconuts today. At least one, ideally two. Whole, in the husk coconuts. It seems like they're always around when I'm in the produce section, and I think "oh neat" and don't get one that week. So finally I want coconuts, and they are nowhere to be found. Not at the Walmarts, not at the other two stores, not even at the Fiesta (which has all kinds of Mexican and Central American veggies you won't find anywhere else). Fiesta did have husked coconuts, but I want the coconut shells, y'see, after I'm done eating the fresh coconut meat.

This is a downer but maybe they'll come in soon. Though perhaps I'm just unlucky and coconut distributors husk them all now. (Maybe it's just me, but half the fun of those things was getting them open.)

OTOH: Tonight I made my first ever stovetop batch of popcorn! I asked Dad to show me how last night. I was always somehow kinda scared of messing it up, but it's so easy. Derp. Now I know! And stovetop really is the best.

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