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Garden week 7

I am very easily distracted by stuff toda - SQUIRREL

Anyway, I forgot to take garden pictures yesterday morning because of the garage sale, so here they are from this morning.

Yep, tomatoes are still green! But the big ones are getting bigger, and we have some new smaller fruit coming in. These are the Better Boys.

These are the (slightly out of focus) Cherokees.

The butternuts are so insanely healthy and they are trying to colonize and spread everywhere. Huxrin called them "BUFFernuts", which I like. :D Anyway they're going crazy. I think the basil feels threatened (and I should probably transplant it).

Distance shot after I watered. The corn is now waist-high to me (admittedly in a container, but - )

Not featured very much: the squash container on the right, which has 3 yellow squash, 1 buffernut squash and 1 watermelon.

Oh hey! Here's a little baby buffernut! Flex them stem muscles!

And out back the onions, garlic, other onions, strawberries, and coleus. This part of the yard suffers from two things: 1) partial to extreme shade and 2) compacted soil/clay mix. So it's very, very hard for anything to take root in there. The box is set in the part that gets the most sun. The coleus are shade plants.

We're thinking of taking out the oak tree (off camera to the right) because it's one of the biggest causes of shade to the yard; it's responsible for this and for shading out the lemon to some degree. When we took down some oak branches the lemon improved from more sun.

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