Laridian (laridian) wrote,

April list 19: 5 WIPs I Should Finish Writing

5 WIPS I should finish writing, suggested by [personal profile] antheap

In no order, as usual...

1. A Gun for Barns. This is currently in process and at some point it'll get posted to here/AO3. Fallout New Vegas. This is... idk, 50 chapters or so as of yet? It's long. Probably closer to the end than the beginning, but no promises.

2. Brains Legacy. Because I hate to leave things unfinished, but it was becoming a lot of work for little reward. So it's nagging at me.

3. technically, Service Sims legacy. This is at least being continued, slowly, it's getting there. I've got myself and one other person who can take a whack at it, then I guess we'll see if anyone else is still interested.

4. Untitled Post-Apocalypse Survival Story. In progress. No idea when it'll be completed. /it'll be done when it's done.jpg

5. Northern Lights. Yeah, I should get back to it. But you know how it is.

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