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April list 17: 5 Skills Every Child Should Learn

5 Skills every child should learn before leaving home (in an ideal world), from [personal profile] porkwithbones

This list is only 5 things, there are seriously lots out there.

1. How to cook. Don't have to know things from memory, but know how to read a recipe, how to double/halve a recipe, how to follow a recipe, proper stove/oven settings etc.

2. How to do laundry. Srsly. This sounds easy and to me it *is* easy when it can be reduced to "separate by colors, use this much detergent, set washer for this, check lint trap, set dryer for this, freakin' fold and put away clothes". This is not hard

3. How to budget. Hard as heck but super, super necessary to learn.

4. How to determine news/real information from propaganda/advertising. Humans want to believe each other by nature, and history proves that hoaxes and fakery and smear campaigns have gone on since people started talking to each other, so this is something counter-intuitive to our human nature, but it really has to be learned.

5. Basic home repairs & cleaning, i.e. change lightbulbs, how to vacuum, how to identify problems with the toilet (does it need a new float or a seal?), importance and necessity of at least weekly picking the place up, etc. This does cover a lot of ground but many of these things seem like they're more "day to day" as opposed to, say, a pipe developing a pinhole leak inside the walls (which does need a plumber to fix).

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