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Garden week 5

It's time for the weekly garden photos. These were taken yesterday morning. The weather was unexpectedly cold and raw, and it's slightly less so today, and then tomorrow it's back to 81 and sunny. Weird weather this spring.

Click on thumbnails for bigger.

Huxrin's garden is coming along; I put bird netting over it this week so critters would be hindered in digging there. Onions on the left, carrots in the middle, the stuff on the right does not seem to have done anything.

By now the corn is getting big enough that it could shade the boxes in the middle, so I have to move them to the back behind the tomatoes, I suppose. And the tomatoes are above the cage tops now!

Everything's still growing along. And in that blue bucket in the background...

Mom took some of the tomato suckers and is trying to root them to get more tomato plants. She did this last year too and we had plenty of tomatoes.

Speaking of which, here's the Cherokees. There are now some tiny little new tomatoes as well (not pictured).

And here are the Better Boys.

And now, the part you've all been waiting for... the Mystery Seed Box!

First - last week I planted yellow squash seeds in the 5 places since nothing else was growing there. It looks like I got 2 squash plants, which is fine.

But the mystery seed, the one in the lower left of that photo, I don't know what that might be. I still think some kind of melon or squash, but the leaf shape isn't familiar to me. Suggestions? And we'll find out eventually anyway ^_^

Despite the weird weather, we've had plenty of rain, so I haven't had to water very much, and rain is better for them all anyway.

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