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April list 14: A very busy Saturday

I.e. everything I got done today, because I'm tired and have been up since 6 AM and on the road since 6:15 AM.

Uncovered birdcage
Got shopping list
took photos of garden
emailed photos to myself for later upload
put postcards in mailbox
Tanked up car
Got free chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A for breakfast
Grocery shopping @ the big Walmart
Home: unloaded, scanned* & put away groceries
Home: brought in trash cans
Ace Hardware - bought postage
Kroger - bought sourdough bread (they cut it thinner than at walmart) and chicken patties for Toly (rarely at walmart)
Home: unloaded, scanned, put away
picked up Huxrin for eye exams
2 hours at eye exams (they did us both at once and while it was extremely informative as we got an impromptu anatomy lesson about the human eye, it was still 2 hours)
Home: picked up AngryDandelion and 4 oz of diet mountain dew and a protein bar

dropped off AD for a D&D session at a friend's house (I bought a bag of Doritos for him to take for a host gift, because you should always bring snacks to a D&D session)
drove back to eye place to order new glasses for myself and Huxrin. Took 2 hours because they were busy there too.
Chick-Fil-A for something for Huxrin to eat because she hadn't eaten yet today
Joann's: bought shiny multi thread for the state blocks quilt, discovered a new clearance area, bought 4 packs of washi tape and a red ink pad. Also a "safety orange" T shirt for volunteer work next week.
Library: picked up 2 items on hold
Home: unloaded, scanned, still has to be put away
started a load of laundry
Sat down and didn't feel like moving
pulled the Etsy item that has to ship on Monday
picked up AngryDandelion from D&D
ate a tiny bit of ham and bean soup (I don't like beans)
picked up Huxrin because she went for a walk and needed to be picked up a couple miles away

EVENING (6 pm?)
cleaned kitchen
asked Dad to help me make a holder for my washi tape (will take a pic at some point)
more laundry (3 loads total)
Registered Postcrossing postcard
ran out of spoons
despite this, glued felt to bottom of the washi tape holder so it won't slip or scuff the table
tried to write while out of spoons, failed (not epically, or miserably, just failed)
farted around on the internet for a while to try to get my brain back
read a bunch of Soviet-era Russian jokes to Toly (as in, these are jokes from Soviet-era Russia) which we both liked because y'know Cold War kids and all

It is now 9 pm and I can go to bed like I've been waiting to for the last 5 hours.

Tomorrow will go easier because I don't have anything actually scheduled except harangue everyone to put their damn laundry away now that it's clean.

*We scan the barcodes of stuff we buy and get gift cards in exchange

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