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April list 12: 5 Things About Spring

5 Things I Look Forward To Each Spring, suggested by [personal profile] seidoo_ryuu

1. Warmer weather! Here we have "blisteringly hot, humid summer" and "comparatively cold and raw winter". I know to you northerners it's not that cold, but it is for us after enough time and thinning blood. So spring is that happy few weeks between the two. Not too hot, blue skies instead of haze or clouds, lovely breezes.

2. Flowers and garden time! Time to plant the garden which brings me happiness throughout spring and early summer. The wild-growing flowers are blooming too. (So are the pines and oaks which vomit up so much pollen they turn everything a sickly yellow-green, but that's different.) I say "wild-growing" because in our yard alone, we have plants that we don't take care of at all, but they weren't wild to begin with. We have a big jasmine vine taking over a tall pine tree. It's blooming right now and the fragrance is something else.

3. Birds return! And later we will see young birds brought to the feeders by their parents. :) A cardinal pair is nesting in our yard somewhere and they bring their young'uns around in summer. Last year we had a couple juvenile redbellied woodpeckers. The baby sparrows, chickadees etc beg for food and their parents get fed up with it. :P

4. Blueberry season is almost here! It's hard to wait until April to visit the blueberry farm's webpage and see if they've started posting for the year yet. (Not yet!) Then make plans for opening weekend, to drive up there first thing in the morning to get there at 7 am (it'll already be packed), take the kids' old wagon that they've had since they were toddlers, because we can carry pails of berries in them plus water and snacks. Slather on sunscreen and prepare to sweat like anything. But at the end, $2.50/pound for fresh berries you picked yourself.

5. Uh... it's not summer yet? I mean that's a good thing too.

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