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April list 11: Favorite mobile games

Favorite mobile games, suggested by [personal profile] porkwithbones
Note: All of these can be played for free without having to pitch in money, though I do occasionally if I play the game long enough as a "thanks".

1. Gardenscapes
A match-3 game about rebuilding a garden estate with an apparently unlimited budget and the world's most effete butler directing it all. This game cycles between "this is fun" to "wtf is with this level" but I'm still with it after a year, so obviously I like it. It feels to me like a good "casual" game, I have a couple minutes, I can try a level or two.

2. Pearl's Peril
A hidden picture game I play on my phone because I hate my eyesight. Haha, okay, seriously, I know these are easier on computers, but mobile games are for when you're waiting at the dentist or just killing some time, you know? I don't play these on computer for a reason. The computer is for BIG KID GAMES w/e.
Anyway Pearl suffers from serious anachronism problems (plastic bags in the 1920s and so on) but an entertaining storyline, some serious "what the heck just happened" moments, nice character design and a fairly friendly game setup.

3. June's Journey
Same company as Pearl above, same setting and problems, with the added bonus(?) that the levels take soooo looooong to complete. June also gets sneaky, hiding items behind other items (!). OTOH it's got a helluva body count, if that matters to you.

4. The Silent Age
Puzzle game set in the 1970s involving a very good time travel mechanic. Wonderful ambient noise/music. This is one game I actually wear earbuds for (most of them I turn all sounds off while playing). Last I knew the first half was still available for free, you had to pay for the second half, which I did. The voice acting is not bad.

Bonus: Plants vs Zombies 2
I no longer play this one but I did play for a long time. Tower defense and a well known franchise. Regular old PvZ is probably better to get started with if you're not familiar with tower defense games, because PvZ2 has a lot of odd game elements in it, but it's probably not mandatory.

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