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April list 9: 5 games I still have to finish

Today's list is "5 Games I still have to finish" suggested by [personal profile] antheap.

I actually had trouble thinking of five. This is because most of my games are open-ended (Sims series) or I finished them (Monkey Island series) and I don't have a lot of games in process right now. Some games I tried briefly and then decided nope, not for me, don't need to continue. But here's what I came up with...

1. Broken Age
We're all the way at the end and there's this puzzle that involves doing things in a specific sequence timed perfectly and I think we just stopped playing at that point and never got back to it.

2. Fallout New Vegas (actively playing!)
I'm currently on this one! It's not abandoned! No, seriously, I play it at least a couple times a week, but I take my time on these things and explore everything.

3. Borderlands 2
At this point I'd probably do just as well to start completely over, but at least the game will tell me what I need to get done. I've forgotten the storyline though.

4. Sam and Max 2
I don't remember what the actual name is, but we stopped on this one because it had a really stupid addition to the puzzles: A REFLEX BASED CHALLENGE. Basically: keep a tray of bottles upright and don't drop any while on a wobbly mechanical surfboard while someone throws rocks at you.
Not even my teens with good reflexes could get past this one. It frustrated all of us to no end, because it is so utterly pointless. The Sam and Max games are supposed to be puzzle/dialog tree games, not twitch challenges. So we never could finish this and tbh it made me so angry that I'm not inclined to go back unless someone can hit me up with a save game that gets me past that *(&&^%^%$$# challenge.

5. Tales From the Borderlands
Another one I may never get back to, because of the eyeball thing. (If you've played the game, you know what I'm talking about.) That really squicked me and made me uncomfortable and I don't know if I can go back to the game after that. Yes, I've had a lot of spoilers since then (you can't *not* go on the internet without spoilers), but, y'know.

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