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April list 8: Favorite SNES Games

10 9 favorite SNES games

1. ActRaiser
2. Secret of Evermore
3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
4. Earthbound
5. Street Fighter 2
6. Super Bomberman with 4-pack
7. SoulBlazer
8/9. Final Fantasy 2/3

You can look up a lot about these games online, better than my own summaries etc. Suffice to say I enjoyed these. Final Fantasy 2 and 3 are in the same rank because I did enjoy them but oh dear GOSH the grinding.

Street Fighter 2 is the very first one, not Turbo or Champions or any of the others. I really liked the SF2 that was in arcades and was a monster hit at the time. Of course at a quarter or 50 cents a play and a LOT of people wanting to play, a newbie like me couldn't exactly learn the game while in the arcade.

The solution - OBVIOUSLY - was to buy the brand new Super Nintendo, which cost a couple hundred bucks (back when this was REAL MONEY YO) and the Street Fighter 2 cartridge which was, iirc, $70 or so all by itself.

You know what? If you base it on "50 cents per game" I saved myself that entire amount of arcade money by playing SF2 at home. And eventually I got good enough to play it in the arcade, too!

Plus! My dad would play this with me on the SNES! I told him to try Ken and he would just mash buttons and stuff and he was still a threat to me. I suspected after a while he wasn't just mashing buttons. :P

Super Bomberman was fantastic because if you had the multitap you could play four-person Bomberman and I love those crazy chaotic Grand Melee type games.

Everything else here is an RPG of some type. ActRaiser is different because you actually take the position of God (not using his real name) and fighting Satan (same) by taking care of your worshippers and helping them rebuild their cities and making miracles and stuff, but also platforming your way through dungeons to defeat bosses. SimCity + Populous + Mario, I guess. Surprisingly addictive.

SoulBlazer is by the same company and again you're an angel type sent down to free the world and stuff. No SimCity aspects but some other interesting elements to it. I got it more or less by accident (wandering into a store, asking about it, buying it because I suddenly didn't know how to say no) but have never regeretted it.

Secret of Evermore is one of those games that people don't like but I actually quite enjoy. First game for Jeremy Soule to do the sound (he was still a teenager), lots of ambient noise instead of looping music, interesting mechanics, time travel aspects.

Earthbound is enjoyable only if you have the walkthrough (the book came with the game at the time!) but if you do, this game is a hoot and a half. Modern day setting RPG and your weapons are things like yoyos and frying pans and bottle rockets. Kind of a weird "kids save the universe" theme but you also call Mom if you get lonely or homesick, which actually impacts you in the game. Also: Mr. Saturn and his/her/its fantastic font!

~ ~ ~

I expect you expected Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger on here. And I expected that! SoM is fun, I enjoy playing it now and again, but it never quite struck me as ZOMG BESTEST GAEM EVARRR!1111!! which so many people find it. It's an okay game. Way too much grinding, but that's pretty much all those old games.

I enjoyed Chrono Trigger less than SoM. And do not understand the love this game has. I really don't. Silent protag who never, ever speaks a word = automaton IMO and not fun to play. Heck, even Link gets a few options for lines in A Link to the Past.

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