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April list 7!: Favorite Board Games!

Favorite board games! requested by [personal profile] porkwithbones!

1. Tiki Mountain!, 2009

This one can be so fun, depending on how cutthroat you are. If you get people unwilling to fight each other (i.e. Huxrin, Mom) then the game is kinda dull. If you get people willing to toss obstacles nonstop at each other (everyone else) and if you ignore some of the rules for fairer play, you can have a drag-out fight!
The point of the game is that THE VOLCANO GOD IS ANGRY and you and your fellow villages are all racing to the top of the mountain to get to throw yourself into the volcano as a sacrifice to save the island. The aesthetic really gets me (Polynesia Kitsch, volcanoes, chance to backstab friends, and chances to yell pithy sayings when you throw yourself in) and I should play it more often. You need at least 3 people to make it work though.

2. Survive!, 1982

This older board game has a very, very similar theme - the island is sinking! The volcano's gonna blow! Unlike Tiki Mountain, you can't stop the eruption. Instead, you have to get your islanders to one of the nearby smaller islands and (presumably) safety (example of Krakatau notwithstanding). There are four "colors" of islanders (red, orange, yellow, purple) and they have random values from 1-6 on their undersides. So some islanders are worth more than others! Well, well. Anyway you don't know which islanders are going to survive, because after you randomly place your islanders on the island tiles, some of them might survive, and some might not.

They can try to get a boat, or swim, or grab hold of a friendly dolphin, but whales can upset boats, sharks can eat people, and vortexes suck everything down, never to be seen again. Meanwhile the island keeps sinking...

Anyway, a good one. We still have the original 1982 set so I can't say what the current "30th anniversary version" is like.

3. Sorry! (any edition)
Can you believe, this game dates from the 1930s? Wow. Anyway new editions keep coming out, and for the most part they're all good. We always liked to play this in teams if we had 4 people. A good party type game and especially good for younger kids.

4. Get Out!, 1993-1999
Rules now available for free! Cards not included: https://cheapass.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/GetOutRulebook.pdf
I bought this ages ago (can you tell) directly from Cheapass Games when it probably cost me like $5. Anyway now you can get the rules for free! (Sadly, I'm not sure you can get the needed cards any more.) Cheapass has as its premise that you already have pawns, dice, etc., and you can photocopy and print out the board and paste it to cardstock yourself. Which is what I did.

Get Out!'s premise is that you and all your friends live in your mom's basements and don't have jobs. So you decide to compete to see who can get a job and get an apartment first, doing the least amount of work. It's a fun little game we play every once in a while - we do have a big tub of dice, and plenty of little colored counters and pawns.

5. Escape From Elba! 1993-1999
Complete rules and card set available for download at https://cheapass.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Escape-from-Elba.zip
"A board game where you’re Napoleon, and so is everybody else."
This one requires a lot of six-sided dice, because you use those as pawns for you and the NPCs; the value on top is the character's current Strength. Anyway, you and 10 other people (# of players + enough NPCs to make 11 ppl on the board, plus one more) all believe you're Napoleon and you need to escape the island (OH HEY ANOTHER THEME) to go back and attempt reconquering France. To do this you need to accumulate letters on cards (like Scrabble tiles) to form words. Some words help you escape, others help you fight. Oh, and you'll fight pretty much anyone and everyone, because they're all pesky fake Napoleons!

Takes about 2 hours based on our first playthrough (today!) and we had a lot of fun with it. By the end everyone had a chance to win and it was a scramble to see who could get there first. This one requires good wording skills, since you need to make good words to escape with limited cards.

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