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April list 6: Favorite Superhero Movies

5 Favorite Superhero Movies in no order

1. Mystery Men (1989)
Always a favorite of mine, because it has a trope I like, the ragtag team of misfits who must learn how to work together and maybe, just maybe, become something like a family.
You will see this trope a lot in my faves. It's one of Mom's favorite tropes too.
Anyway, it has middle of the road reviews, but I love the fact that superheroism is considered a valid career choice and that there are so many of them in Champion City! And these same wannabe superheroes are also dealing with everyday life, day jobs and so on.

2. Sky High (2005)
Same tropes as above - superheroes dealing with everyday life, this one including school, and "ragtag group of misfits learns how to work together". Goofy fluffy fun. And Kurt Russell is usually a good bet in movies.

3. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)
Best Batman movie EVER as far as I'm concerned. A very human Bruce Wayne, a compelling backstory, the fact that they could get a little more "grown up" since this wasn't regular afternoon cartoon fare, this is a wonderful movie for adults as well as kids. In fact it's probably not suited to younger kids at all. I saw this in theaters and it was worth it. (The studio kinda dumped it at the last moment into theaters with little notice, guess how that worked out?)

4. The Incredibles (2004)
Good grief, this is wonderful: an actual superhero family, dealing with real-life issues as well as being supers. Yes, this too is one of my fave tropes: adding real life to the mix. Like Bob and Helen arguing over which exit to take to get to the monster ("But that'll take me downtown!" "You asked me which exit, I told you which exit!") while in their van that just got dropped at superhigh speeds onto the freeway from a rocket.
I am both eager for, and afraid for, the upcoming sequel.

5. Batman '66 (aka The Batman Movie, aka Batman - it's the one with Adam West and Burt Ward) (1966)
This is so delightfully goofy and cheesetastic. Adam West once said the only way he could do this role was to play it absolutely straight, as though it all really really mattered. Features the fantastic bomb sequence, the appearance of bat-shark-repellent, and some of the riddles/clues so stupid they're funny. Also Frank Gorshin is a delight as the Riddler. Did you know, he hated the skintight bodysuit, so he created the Riddler's now-signature look of the bowler hat, suit, and cane.

Side note: I told Toly I was working on this list and he said "Any non-Marvel on there?" Why yes! All of it!

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