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April list 5: Coffee Break

And now, first of a set of two Mystery Science Theater coffee cups. These are probably out of print these days. I got them directly from the Fan Club back in the day. I did use them to drink out of (you can see the heat-wrap decal decay at the top of the cup) but for the past 10+ years I haven't, because I want them to stay nice. ^_^

Comedy Central Era Mike and the Bots - Crow, Tom, Mike and Gypsy. It's not easy to see on this side, but Crow is holding Gypsy's tube, because...
 photo mst_mike_coffee1.png

...on the other side, Dr. F and TV's Frank are pulling on it in a tug-of-war!
 photo mst_mike_coffee2.png

The copyright date at the bottom says 1993 Best Brains, which makes these 23 years old. I have so many coffee cups older than my kids...

~ ~ ~

This MST coffee cup doesn't have a copyright date on it, but I likely bought it at the same time as the Mike mug. I suspect the Mike mug photo may have been created specifically for the mug, while this one was a stock photo they used after Joel had left.

The decal (showing somewhat worse wear than the Mike mug) doesn't seem quite centered. Here's the "right" side of the mug, as I consider it; most of the cast is there.
 photo mst_joel_coffee1.png

But if you're right-handed, this is the side you'll see most of the time when you drink from this mug, e.g. a bit of Tom Servo and a lot of empty set space. To me, that gray area looks like it came from a different picture, too, given the warm tones of the rest of the decal.
 photo mst_joel_coffee2.png

Anyway, this mug too is in the Hallowed Halls of Don't Use These Any More Or They'll Wear Out.

~ ~ ~

Next up in the coffee cup series: Something that means a lot to me, and I know was in very limited production.

In 1987 I not only read the newspaper (no internet then, kids) but all parts of the paper, not just the comics. I wrote letters to the editor. I was mistaken for an adult based on my writing style, which was fun, and some of my letters got published, which was pretty cool too. So I got invited to the Orlando Sentinel Letter Writers' Forum, which my dad had to drive me to, because I didn't have a license and it was a school night.

 photo writing_coffee2.png

Everyone who'd written a letter was allowed 2 minutes but of course a lot of adults ran waaay over and the evening ended just as I was about to speak. :/ I got some autographs of columnists I liked (newspaper nerd!) and one of them, I think it was Bob Morris, wrote "It's a damn shame they wouldn't let you have your 2 minutes." Food for thought.

This is the other side, with art done by their house editorial cartoonist. I only remember that his first name was Dana, because I had only seen that used as a girl's name up until that point.
 photo writing_coffee1.png

~ ~ ~

This coffee cup always elicited comments from people, mostly along the lines of "How can you drink from that??"

The answer, of course is: just like any other coffee mug.

Toly got this for me on our first Valentine's Day together. It's still in great shape, but I keep it at home, because I just don't use a coffee cup at work very much these days. Now I use my travel mug to bring coffee with me, and refill it later in the day with tea or flavored water or diet soda.

~ ~ ~

First, there was Old Vegas Coffee... now there is New Vegas Coffee!

Toly brought this back for me after one of his trips in 2015. It's hard to tell in this photo, but there's glittery stuff on the mug. It's also rather tall, which I like, and has a deep vivid blue interior.

Because of the glitter, this is a hand-wash-only item, so it's living at work where I have no choice but to hand-wash it after use.

~ ~ ~

Another vintagey coffee mug: this one is from 2001, because that was when the HP movies were just coming out (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone) and there was a particular run of this type of artwork. I have no idea who the artist(s) was/were, and it was definitely for the American market; there were posters and all kinds of HP art and I think some Harry Potter UNO cards. I remember those because someone on the [livejournal.com profile] cross_stitch community turned one, the Mirror of Erised, into a pattern, and good gravy that took forever.

Anyway, the kids were shown wearing jeans and nice shirts under their open robes; like I said, for the American market.

Now I was really into HP at the time, at this point only 4 books had come out (only up to Goblet of Fire) and the series hadn't gotten really dark like it did in later books. One of my coworkers gave me this. Birthday present? Baby shower gift? I'm not sure, but I remember it was at work that I received it.

There were some others too but these are the ones I took pictures of! :)

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