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April list 1: 5 crafts I'd like to try

Time to start April, the Month of Lists. (There are still a few slots open if anyone wants to suggest some list ideas)

The first one comes from [personal profile] seidoo_ryuu: 5 crafts I'd like to try. For purposes of this list I'll assume this doesn't count drawing. We will also assume I would have the resources/some ability to actually do these things.

1. Flower arranging
Sims notwithstanding, this seems so nice and relaxing, and you get a really pretty result at the end of it.

2. Cake decorating
Not fondant tho (that's gross) but how to do, you know, little roses and stars and stuff to pretty up a cake with some frosting.

3. Machine embroidery
This has a big upfront cost (the machine) but there are some really super cool designs out there that you can purchase/download and make super neat stuff. And you can design your own designs and sell patches online and all that. As usual, to make a small fortune doing this, you have to start with a large fortune to afford the equipment.

4. Oil painting
This would require some classes and practice, and probably several still lifes etc before I was able to, like, paint what I want (and let's face it, I'd have to learn anatomy too) but... *sigh* sadly the results would probably still turn out like they belong on Regretsy. But still!

5. Pottery
Like, on a wheel, maybe? Which again takes practice. But some nice pottery stuff. Maybe glaze it and make some ceramic planters for my garden. It seems messy but worth it if you can make it work. This entry was originally posted at https://laridian.dreamwidth.org/2868346.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


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