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Quilt: Beach Cycles

Not super happy with the name yet but that's what it is for now -

Anyway this is my first quilt doing lots of curves, using a Drunkard's Path modified block. I've had this FQ bundle for at least a couple of years now, I bought it at Quilt Festival because it had the lovely tropical colors in it. And now I finally found a pattern that I liked that could use it! :)

Final size is approx 36" wide by 24" high. It'll be a wall hanging as soon as I ever get it quilted.

I'm calling it "beach cycles" because of the tropical colors, but also there are images like seaweed and sand dollars, ocean foam and tropical fish. But you can also see the circles in there, which could be cycles of life and water. :)

~ ~ ~

Now, Mom and I talked about going to Quilt Festival this year... tbh it might be better to use the money instead to finish some of the 24+ quilt tops I have stockpiled. I can't sell them until they're complete, but completing takes money, etc. Mom said if we don't stay at a hotel, but just do a couple of day trips, she'd give me the hotel money to use to finish quilts with. And that alone is pretty tempting. But then, why go more than one day? I'm mostly just going to buy things, unless this year I attend enough classes to make it worthwhile.

OTOH, maybe by the time it comes around, I'll want to go and buy stuff. I already have a lot, and I know the adage of "more is better", but this year I was going to try to work down my stash where I could, like the above, using a bundle I already have.

Anyway, stuff to think about.

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