Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Random happy bits and CoH

I don't know why, but it really perks up my day when complete strangers think my kids are twins. I honestly have no idea why this makes me happy, 'cause having twins would've been hell on me, but for some reason I get a kick out of it.

Anyhoo. Thanks to Frozen Pyro and the kids taking a nap without fuss, I now have the War Wall Defender badge too! Sweeeet! Pyro, let me know if you need Negotiator and/or Plague Stopper. Toly said he'd create an alt just to get those badges for Heat, so if you need 'em, I'd be glad to have you along for that too. :) (Dangit, I have to thank you somehow!) ;P

Now then. On to, y'know, getting more work done and stuff.

I'm looking at an 8-person team to go into Dark Astoria after Boneshatter. The reason for the 8-person team is twofold. One, it's game mechanic to have a team no larger than that. Yeah, I know, I'm already introducing stuff that isn't in the game, so why claim canon now? Well, that brings us to Two: Eight people is already a lot for me to handle in a fic, plus whatever happens to them. I'm putting the cap at eight people so I don't tear my hear out trying to manage a team of 16 (giving out lines to everyone, handling battles, etc.).

This is what I picture so far for the DA Team:
1. Lapis Lizard. Should be pretty obvious - he wants to hunt down Bone anyway for attacking one of the 9s.
2. Heat Lightning. 'Cause obviously, in Lapis' words, if he's left alone he gets into trouble. ;) Plus he can do some confronting this way, should the opportunity arise.
3. Winged Vixen. Another scrapper, plus she's been in the fics so far.
4. Whirly Girl. Ditto. (Wow, lotta scrappers here) All together now:
5. Emerald Flames. Healer, angry against Bone, and we wanna get him back in action. ^_^
6. drew. He's played a major part in the fics, and Eric has actually confided in him (off-camera via RP chat).
7. Epsilon Omega *or* one of his alts. Because he keeps giving me stuff in-game and throwing his fair young body at me. Well, maybe not that last one. ;P
8. Doc Rayvn, 'cause we could really use a controller in there, and he listens to me go on and on about crummy customers. ;)

This leaves us with three blasters, three scrappers, a controller and an emp def. Kind of offense-heavy, but I feel most comfortable with handling these characters at this point.

I picture other 9s being sent out to look for the impostor. How many people can have hair like that, after all? ;)

How does that lineup look to everyone? If you're cool with your character being part of this team, please note anything I should know, 'cause I have no idea what some of your strengths are about. I'll use Heat as an example:

Heat Lightning: kicks in Stealth when he remembers it (it's new). Flier. When possible, uses Aim, Buildup and Blazing Bolt (snipe) first, then Fireball, Flares, etc. Close-range, uses Blaze. If the place gets really crowded, Fire Rain.

I mean, I know Ep has ice patch, and that Vix has the Regen secondary, but I'd rather not guess all the time as to your powers/tactics, eh? ^_~

Thanks very much!
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