Laridian (laridian) wrote,

United States Quilt (work in progress) - Pennsylvania

You know what bugs me? I take these pictures and then, at night, when it's too dark to get good light, I see the little strings and stuff and AAAAAGH it bugs me.


On to Pennsylvania! I modified the base design in several places for this one. I kept the Amish horse and buggy, because I grew up in Mennonite country. I reduced the mountain and got rid of the snowcap, because that's not Pennsylvania, with its eroded Appalachian hills.

I got rid of the mine, and instead put a dairy barn, like the ones I remember seeing as a child. Barn is accented with a silver paint pen because easier. Sadly, not enough room to write SEE ROCK CITY on it.

Lastly, the design originally had Punxsutawney Phil, and nope, not for me. Instead I came up with my own pheasant silhouette, because we had pheasants around.

Cutting out those tiny little pieces in the wheels, man... reminded me of the Seattle row a few years ago.

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Tags: quilt: united states
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