Laridian (laridian) wrote,

United States Quilt (work in progress) - Montana

I got back to the State Blocks this weekend and have completed two more! I'll post the second one tomorrow, but here's the first.

As a recap, because it might well be more than a year since I last posted about these, I'm making an applique quilted state block for every state Toly and I have visited or lived in. (Airports don't count, so while I've traveled through Seattle, I don't count the state of Washington.)

At the end of all this I'll make them into a mchuge wall hanging and it'll be at least 30-some states, last I checked. Whew. Check the tag for the other ones.

So today, here's Montana!

I'm very pleased with the trees here, actually. I like that fabric.

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Tags: quilt: united states
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