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quilt stuff musings

I did some of the Alaska kits already - 2016, apparently! Yikes. So the ones I have completed are:

Barely Threaded Quilting 2 - moose
Cooper Landing - three bears
Robin Place Fabrics - diamond mountains
Kenai Fabric Center - Eagle Eyrie
Seams Like Home - Alaska Home

I have one other row, for paper-pieced houses. That and Eagle Eyrie are both vertical; the rest are horizontal.

I know I have at least one other pattern, but it's not one I'm really thrilled with. So let's assume I have 2 vertical and 4 horizontal.

I'm kind of thinking in a pattern like so:

I have some fireweed fabric that would be nice for filler if I need it somewhere - maybe across the bottom? idk. This won't be the same shape as the rest of my Row wall hangings because it's only six rows, and if they were all horizontal? I'd probably just make a tall one instead. But those verticals keep throwing it off.

I mean, the *other* possibility is to wait and see if the row kits/patterns this year are any good, you know? And pick up one or two. We'll see though.

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