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Crafts for 2018, update

Yesterday I actually completed a craft thing! Yes! And hope to get more done in the near future. Anyway, this is a kit I picked up a few years ago and have finally finished. Backyard Birds:

(click the thumbnail to get to the big pic)

Mom wants to frame it instead of make it a wall hanging, which I get. It isn't fully quilted yet so that's possible. Size might be interesting though, we might have to get a custom piece of glass cut; and buy individual pieces of frame to assemble. But it's doable.

Meanwhile that actually completes one of my "to do" list for 2018! And gives me a good reason to review the list and see what I could work on.

No. 12 is in process, of course, I've posted about that. I suppose next would be the Alaska blocks just to get them done, because they're kits and easier to do. OR work on the state blocks because I now have a lot of fabric with fusible web already attached and all I have to do is cut out pieces.

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