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I went out and SOCIALIZED!

I'm a mixed intro/extrovert. I can be extroverted just fine for two hours. Potentially longer depending on who it is and how strenuous the event is. Then I need to go refill my introvert bucket for a while by myself.

But this month marks my 11th (!!!!!) year at this company, which I never, ever expected. Coworker Basia invited me to lunch this weekend to celebrate. We're both now full time WFH so in the old days, we'd go out to a local restaurant. Too hard to do now, it's 35 min between our homes.

So Huxrin went with me today and we visited Basia and had a very nice time. Restaurant was less than good - on both of our sandwiches, they left items off, and on Huxrin's they added things she didn't order - but afterwards we visited 2 quilt shops within walking distance and also the German shop. Weather was miserable - 46ish, drizzling, etc. or we might have tried some more shops. Couldn't *buy* anything but that was OK (budget) because tbh I have plenty of fabric, these shops were pricey, and I didn't need to buy random fabric. I should only buy fabric I plan to use.

Then back to Basia's for coffee and cake and some more talk. They have a pug they "inherited" from their oldest son, who said "can you watch the dog just for a while until I get settled in my new place" and then he got married and he and his wife got a new, different dog. Basia has owned original dog ever since. Original dog is a pug and omg he SNORES. When he is awake. When he is breathing. If it weren't impolite I would've been in hysterics because it was so distracting and loud and LISTEN TO THIS DOG.

Basia gave me some krówki ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓ and we said goodbye and all in all we had a good time. And this was a good practice run for May when I get to do the same thing for her 11th anniversary at our company. (As she says, "assuming we're all still there.)

But now I'm tired after all that and we came home and immediately began making a cake, and I'm ready to just sit quietly and refill the introvert bucket.

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