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The state of me, January 2018

Time to check in on the first month of the year.


Exercise - doing much better on this. In fact, I've walked 85 miles in January! If I can keep that up every month, I'll hit 1000 miles by end of year. Of course there'll be off days (like today, my head is pounding and I'm not exercising, yes I know that's bad of me) and it'll still be close. But I hope I can make it.

It does mean I was right not to sign up for that 2018 miles in 2018. Not without other people to help pitch in. (Mom is also walking but she doesn't have as many miles as I do for January, so already we'd be way behind.)

Art - wow, this really fell by the wayside fast. It's supposed to be for fun, but most of the time I just didn't feel like it. Which is why I'm not meant to be an artist with a pencil, I suppose. Okay, that was negative, I need to be more positive about this. And do more arting.

Duolingo - Still hanging in there but we've hit the hard conjugations and they're not fun. ;_; That said, I'm trying to write my postcard to Germany in German. I still need Google Translate quite a bit for that, but I'm improving.

Get three quilts done - man, I'm glad I set the bar low, because I did no quilting at all in January. There is a reason for this. I've been upstairs in the work office most of the time instead of taking the laptop downstairs to the quilting table. This is because I'm getting more work calls, which are inconvenient downstairs for anyone else in the house, and some other stuff which is keeping me upstairs, so... yeah. I miss working downstairs though. ;_; Looking out the window, watching my birds, etc.

And right now it gets dark so early that there's no point trying to quilt after work. Believe me, this house is stupidly dark sometimes.

Learn paper piecing - see above. I do want to get back to quilting; it's just not super convenient right now. (No, I can't do it in the upstairs office, no room)

Eat better - It's a draw. I'm eating more vegetables, but my bonked-up metabolism (thank you, age) means some days I just can't sleep without tying a bag of Doritos on like a feedbag on a horse and eating the whole thing. Then I'm okay again. Age sux.

Also, if I'm going to do this cookbook thing? We need pictures of the things in it. And that means we have to *make* some of them. And if we make cappuccino mousse or cherry pie or corn pudding or potato pancakes, by golly I'm going to eat them. This is going to be a challenging year.

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