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Never too late

At least 20, 30 years ago, my folks hiked down from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the bottom, stayed at the Phantom Ranch, and hiked back out. This was in a warm time of year (probably summer, but not sure now) because I remember an otherwise boring story about trying to get lemonade at the Ranch.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_Ranch is, shall we say, "rustic" and they severely limit the number of people there.

Mom and Dad went back last week for their other Canyon crossing dream - taking the mules down and back. They wanted to stay 2 nights and you can only do that in January, hence the timing.

But they were very happy to finally do the other half of their dream - that is the word they both used - though they said you have to really want to do it. And they sent me a mule-mailed postcard, which arrived home after they did :)

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