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Self-improvement, week 1

Let's take a look at my first week of self-improvement. (No idea if I'll do this again next week, but we'll see, right?)

I actually got a lot of walking in, sometimes on treadmill and sometimes just moving about (like, Saturday groceries & chores). Jan 1-7 I walked 19.3 miles according to the pedometer. I have to walk 9.6 miles a week to achieve my walking goal (about 500 miles) so I've already got a nice buffer built up for the inevitable sick days / vacation days / other days I can't get moving. And that brings us to...

Lost 4 lbs in the first week. It's wrong that I look at that and say "Really? Is that all?" even though let's face it, that's really good. I guess I feel like it isn't enough partly because we're conditioned to want really big weight loss, and partly because I have so much farther to go. :( But it's a start. Unfortunately it's probably the easiest fat to lose, the stuff you lose just by eating properly. And that brings us to...

Actually calorie counting and being a lot more careful about what I'm eating. Eating more vegetables/fruits, trying to eat an apple a day and I've had a lot of squash lately and more squash in the next week or two. But mostly the calorie counting is trying to keep an eye on how much food intake, because then I'm a lot more careful about what I do eat. Oh, and that 4 lbs does already make a difference in that my new jeans are a little looser. But still. Food tastes good and tasty food continues to draw me in. And that brings us to...

I only managed 4 days of doodling last week, one because a friend reminded me to do it. Heh. I'm already feeling better about my relative skill, but I can also tell that I need to do the boring (eheh) practice skill stuff. Still, I'll do what I can on it. And "do" brings us to...

Managed to do the whole week, but it's good that Duo sends me the reminders, because otherwise I know I'd forget. OTOH, I find it easier to "know" which words are correct; they just seem correct. That's probably a good sign? A sign that I'm internalizing the language rules? I hope so. I can read it better than I can patch together sentences. And that brings us to...

Kind of on hold at the moment, because my sewing machine is in the shop for annual maintenance. But I've fused a lot of fabric so I can start working on applique this week or next, or whenever. I do wish some of my finished pieces would sell, though. And that brings us to...

Also posting new stuff on Etsy. It's amazing what stuff I still have. Almost makes me want to get back into cross stitch. Almost.

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