Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Icon meme from ironymaiden

Reply to this post with "hold my beer" "that's nacho cheese" and I will pick three of your icons for you to talk about in your own journal; please then keep the meme going by making this offer on your post.

[personal profile] ironymaiden chose:

This is from a T-shirt design I saw somewhere on the internet. (I know, I know, didn't source; shame on me!) While I didn't know if I wanted it as a T-shirt, I loved the idea of it as an icon. Plus I like all those things and I wear reading glasses/bifocals/contacts. And I watch movies and read books you likely haven't heard of. It's all good!

I like puns! And cooking! And this is a good all-purpose icon for cooking and recipes and whatnot, easily identifiable what it is. I had to look up the source; it appears to be an actual LJ-made icon by "adrobeast". This is an old icon.

This one I know the source! The artist is Paco Vink and he did quite a few pages of Monkey Island comics in the Curse of Monkey Island (Monkey 3) style, and a lot of fanart too. This one is Paco's rendition of Guybrush in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. I have a lot of Guybrush icons and this one is one of the oldest, I started using this on LJ years and years ago. It's "guybrush frazzled" and sums up that emotion pretty well, I think.

Added to "to do" list: pony up to DW so I can put more icons on here.

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