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2019 ornaments (yes, you read that right)

The 2019 ornaments are almost complete. The story behind this is: When my grandmother died (the first one, not last year's), I asked for all her cross stitch and embroidery stuff, and got it. (I mean, I got all the cross stitch I'd given to the more recently deceased grandmother this year, but that's another story.) Among them were some little Christmas cross stitches that were probably for some larger project but she never finished it.

Some years later I found a nice set of geometric patterns online and made 3 small cross stitches in Christmas type colors.

So today I took those 3, and two from Grandma's set, and made them into ornaments, because the bulk of the work was already done.

They're backed with a red and white snowflake quilting fabric. The red stars were done by machine, to help fill in the white space. One of Grandma's has some extra negative space too, but I decided to leave it as is rather than alter her work.

They have a little polyfil for dimension, and I'd like to get some gold or red beads or charms or something to dangle off the end. Ribbons are from my stash (I save all kinds of ribbons for this kind of thing).

I could (and should) count this toward 2017 crafts but darn it, I did a lot already this year. :P

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