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Trackball vs mouse

My new trackball is coming in probably tomorrow. I can deal with a mouse, but... nrgh don't like it. Feels weird. Have used trackballs for 20+ years, always the same model (and boy am I glad Logitech still makes them). They're comfy. I don't need a mousepad or even very much space - just enough for the footprint of the trackball, actually.

It also meant NOBODY at work could ever use my computer, because the trackball was weird and alien to them. :P

But my current "home" trackball, the left mouse button is dying, so time to get a new one. It's been a few years.

In the meantime I'm using AngryDandelion's gaming mouse while he's at school (this will be a problem in the evening) and IT'S WEIRD AND ALIEN YO. I mean, the scroll wheel is nice, I guess? If kinda slower than I'd like? and it needs all kinds of space to move this mouse and stuff?

Well I can deal with it for a day and a half. Or half a day - today is the kids' last day of school before break.

Update: 2.5 hours in and I do not like using a mouse my wrist hurts already

Update deux: 11:18 AM, a little more than 3 hours total, and I switched back to gimpy trackball, because my wrist is in agony. Do not like to use mouse

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