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Huxrin was the one who wanted the birds, and she paid for them out of her own saved-up money. But realistically, I'm the caretaker (and I go into any pet purchase knowing this). I make sure they have fresh water twice a day (they take baths in the water bowl) and food, and I grew sprouts for them in summer and provide organic broccoli for them to eat green food, and millet treats, and I regularly change out the sticks and items in the cage so they can have enrichment. I got rid of the plain wooden dowels and they have a variety of fallen sticks and small branches from the yard, instead, which is good for their feet and toes. In summer they had discarded corn leaves to rip apart and play with. I make sure they're not too hot or too cold and sometimes I play videos for them of their own species singing, which they like to hear.

In other words, I try to make it a good and happy cage for them. I would get them a bigger cage if we could. I've tried giving them "free fly" time but "outside the cage is scaaaaary!" so it's had mixed results. They're not hand tame and never will be, but I accept that. I talk to them during the day.

This morning I went downstairs and said "Good morning, birdos" before I even took off the cage blanket, and they all started singing away. Mom said "Did you hear that? They recognized your voice! They knew you were coming to take care of them! They're saying good morning!"

I don't know about that last, but I do like to think they recognize me and think favorably of me. ^_^

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Dec. 16th, 2017 04:39 pm (UTC)
I get it. It makes me happy when my bettas swim over towards me, even if I know it's only because they know food will soon appear.
Dec. 16th, 2017 07:59 pm (UTC)
I make the joke that what they're really saying is "Feed me, then clean up my poops!" I think they do recognize me as Big Red-Headed Thing That Provides Food and Water. :)
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