Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Tree skirt is done

This one isn't really a quilt, but it's something Mom asked me to do. She had some double-sided pre-quilted Christmas print fabric and asked if I could make a tree skirt out of it. (Also there isn't any more, we bought it some years ago, so this was all there was.) It was a little tight but I managed it.

So it's reversible, being double-sided, the other side being candy-cane striped in red, white and green. Mom bought some prefolded white binding (bless you, Mom) and I sewed it to the edge after doing the cutting etc. It's a pretty basic thing and I wasn't going to show it off, but this way you can see the tree too. :P

That said, it still counts as a finished craft, so I'm including it on the big list. Only two more to go and I'll have finished 36 items this year! (well, technically a lot more, since I did those postcards -

I JUST REALIZED I have 3 more items I could list! But they're gifts, so I kinda can't just yet. And darn it, that means I could start a whole 4th page, which I really don't want to do this close to the end of the year, because finishing more stuff in the last 2 weeks is really not in my best interest, mentally. :/

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Tags: crafts, finished piece, ufo challenge 2017, xmas
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