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Xmas tree wall hanging progress

My thumbpads are in so much pain, but all the rice lights are installed! Yay! The O-rings ended up costing me about $8 for 210 at Ace Hardware and were perfect. (I bought extra in case any got swallowed by the carpet. None did, but you know if I hadn't bought extra, they would have.) Now to go to Joann's and see if I can use some coupons to get extra deco stuff like rickrack or fringe to look like tinsel, little gift ornaments to put under the tree, stuff like that. It'll have to all be hand-sewn or hot-glued at this point since the back of the tree is a mess of wiring.

I'll take a video when it's all done, to show the lights in action. I'm very pleased. :D

I now have a giant stack of several dozen quilting magazines of various ages to go through/determine to sell, plus the newest issue of a subscription Mom got my for my birthday. And it has a fantastic pattern that I can use my veggie & fruit fabrics on. Looking forward to that. :D

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