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Winter is finally here!

Or autumn, you know. Anyway - this morning started at 46 degrees and the temp kept dropping. It was also wet, gray and rainy, for that perfect combo of "baby, it's cold outside" and wanting to stay indoors as much as possible.

I got the birds' heat lamp and set it up for them, also moved them to what I hope is a better location so they can stay warm. They're subtropical so they can't go below 65 at most, and we don't want them to chill. (I call it a heat "lamp" but it's for reptile aquaria, it generates heat but not light.)

The tree is up, the lights and ornaments are on it, and I'm so happy at seeing all of the handmade ornaments I've made for the kids over the past 10 years minimum. :) I got out the turntable and played The Ventures Christmas Album but I don't know where I've put the other Christmas records.

Meanwhile, apparently the library has a whole bunch of quilting magazines for sale (you know, a dime apiece or whatever) and I just may go buy as many as I can carry out to the car.

I found a pattern I like, but I want to change the colorway, so I used Excel to list all the different pieces in which colors and therefore decide what needs to change. (It's not as easy as "substitute X for Y".) I love Excel. I use it for so many things in everyday life. My Postcrossing bingos. Packing lists for vacations. Quilt projects. And more.

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