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Quilt festival pix!

Quilt festival pix at last!

Credit pix are below each art pic. Many, many pix and many are also quite large.

One difference this year is there were displays specifically about individual creators. While this is nice if you're a fan of those quilters, I wondered if this was because of fewer submissions in general. Or maybe it was planned this way. But I do feel like it didn't allow a greater diversity of quilters to show their work.

Oh and there'll be other pix like this of the amber for sale. Love the amber stuff. Love amber. <3 So does Huxrin who bought some jewelry for herself.

(need source)

(white version of the above)

(need source)

Detail of a specific quilt to show use of buttons and stitches:

This was the quilt for the American/International Quilt Association recruiting table.

Uh.... you had this dream? It sure looks a lot like this famous painting:
(I mean, you want to do your own version, fine, but if you did that, at least own up to it)

Look at the quilting detail on this one

This looks complicated but I want to try it someday.

Much of the lighting was great for showing off quilts but not so great for taking photos

This next one was not allowed to be entered into any competitions (I heard) but was allowed to be displayed. I think because it's all embroidery... not sure there's really a lot of quilting involved here. Everything is machine-embroidered, which makes me think she had a big software pack for them and, well, made a big honkin' "quilt" out of it.

Some examples up close of the individual blocks...

One of the reasons I like this one is I have that triangle print!

There's always a clothing display, and this year it was by Gilbert Muniz.

All these dresses are made for a very leggy skinny woman with broad shoulders

*whew* that's it!!

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