Laridian (laridian) wrote,

"Eugh... porcelain..."

I'd say I had a roller-coaster night last night, except there weren't any notable highs. WHich isn't to say it was a total downhill ride either- just that it went from "a pretty good night" to "aaaaaaagh" and kind of stabilized somewhere between the two. (A sled ride night, maybe?)

Really unhappy with the problems with the next Bone fic. I might need to set it aside or something. I keep starting it, writing a bit, coming up with something that sounded neat in my head, but it looks like crap on paper (well, on screen, since I don't handwrite anymore). Gnarh. Guess I'll try my hand at the transcription fic instead.

Ramped Heat's difficulty level back down to baseline (Heroic) since he was allowed to start a SL 29 story arc (he's SL 30) and that on top of the other 7 things to do... whew. Got the exact same Ubelmann mission that Bone had earlier today! O_O Fortunately Push came in so I was able to ask him to help me out with that one. I don't know whether it's because he was along or what but we finished the mission in under 30 min with no problems. Hostages were just making themselves known so easily. ;)

Still haven't worked on newsletter, debating just filing under "finish up next week" and being lazy. :/ Bro never called either, but I don't hold it against him; he's got a lot on his plate and if he thinks he needs a night off I'm not going to call him on it.

I don't normally brag about my kids in this space (well, I do sometimes) but something really neat happened last night. I was making the meatballs and lining them up in the foil-lined pan, and M was standing on the stepstool next to me so he could see what I was doing. Toly came into the kitchen just in time to hear M say: "One..... Two..... Three.... One....." (M only knows up to "three") Toly said "He's counting! He's not even two and he's counting!" and generally being all proud-papa about it. I did say there's a difference between knowing what order to count in and being able to recognize "there are three things on the table". ;)

K knew her numbers early on too. One can only hope this translates into strong mathematical prowess.
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