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YESSS! My Pershing missile quilt kit came in! Woot! Much faster than I expected. I know what I want to work on this week! :D

Which brings me to "stuff I am now working on."

This week - the Pershing kit, because then I can finish Space Rows and that will complete this list. Plus be something super cool to hang up! :D

Sparkly Pinwheels - already in process but I need to iron, like, 80-some little half-square triangles, cricri. I wonder if Huxrin is interested in ironing for pay. If not, well, I get to iron sometime soon. Also: walmart solids are, like, $3/yard which is awesome cheap. I'm going to start buying the solid cottons there so I can save some cash for tonals, prints and other nice stuff at quilt stores or Joanns.

Lone Star aka Bethlehem Star - I learned how to do this over the weekend, and I think I know what fabrics I want to use. I still have a bunch of fruit/veggie fabrics left. I might have to buy some more fruit ones, but I could use those for the star, and then a tonal tan which looks sorta like pie crust, and make a "star fruit" quilt. :D

Christmas tree wall hanging project - I bought some rice lights to go into it and now I just need some remnanty stuff which I can get from Joann some weekend, and a bunch of Christmas decor bits from them or Michaels, and I have a lit-up Christmas tree!

Then there's other stuff I listed earlier in the year so let's look at that.

Table runner - I honestly can't find this. I did find a smallish square quilt that idk what else to do with; maybe this was that thing? But if I can't find it, I'm going to replace it with one of the three above.

Green pinwheels - I'm honestly low on green. Fer reals. So this one might be put off until next year, and I'll sub one of the above instead. (there is a pattern here)

Stonehenge Braid Exmas - This is really super tempting to use these for the Christmas tree wall hanging project, except I think I have too many of them. Not sure what else to do with them tho. Need to take stock of what I have. If I make a quilt it'll be as big as that Swedish braid (king size) and I don't really need another one that big, especially a Christmas theme.

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