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About scary movies

I'm too scared to see most of them.

Okay, no, really. There's "scary" and then there's "gory". I don't like gory films in general. I don't want a movie where the "plot" is an exercise in how sick the director's mind is in torturing and killing people. No, don't want.

I do like some tension and thrillers. A lot of the noir movies appeal to me. I finally watched Psycho (the original) this year and really enjoyed it. I know, I know, it's tame these days... I like Tremors, too, which is another "cabin in the woods" type movie. (How I refer to any movie where the protags can't escape and they're trapped with the killer. Yes, I know there's a movie by that title too. Haven't seen it.)

So I saw a blurb with an interesting premise, Sequence, "A man wakes up one morning to realize the entire world has dreamed about him the night before." And it's in Fantasy/Horror, which makes me super nervous about seeing it. No, really. I want to see it, but I'm too scared to see it. Heh.

I couldn't watch the original Night of the Living Dead once I realized that pretty much everyone was going to die. (As far as I could tell.) And this was the Rifftrax version, which was especially jarring. Didn't help at all, for me.

And Cloverfield Lane, that one looked interesting, but Toly saved me there and watched it and said I wouldn't want to see it, and I trust him on that. (The one with the bomb shelter, not the one with the monster.)

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Oct. 9th, 2017 05:19 am (UTC)
I can't do scary movies at all. Some suspense films, but nothing gory. No slasher films. Even Captain America: Civil War made me wince a lot.
Somehow I made it through the first Scream but I did cover my eyes through the Drew Barrymore part at the beginning.
Oct. 10th, 2017 03:18 pm (UTC)
I think Psycho was OK because tbh, by today's standards it really is tame, you see some blood but you don't see the cut-up body and the screen splashed with gore. I can see how it would've shocked people back then, though.

In Tremors, when you first see the decapitated head, I always think it looks like Freddy Krueger's head, which kinda helps me (also it looks kinda fake, but I don't have any real decapitated heads to compare it to, heh).

But generally, no, I don't like the films where it's "the woman is screaming in terror as she's ripped apart" or stuff like that. The old badly-made horror movies on MST, those I can handle, I guess because they're really not too... what's the word... it's not so lovingly crafted, shall we say? When the guy's arm is ripped off, you can tell he just tucked his arm under his coat and they tore off the coat arm and smeared syrup on it. I can deal with that.

But man, give me a suspense movie over the buckets-o-blood theme any day.
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