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This weekend was free-play Overwatch, test the game, see what you think, etc. AngryDandelion asked if I wanted to try it, since I used to play TF2 (I would say "still play" but lbh it's been over a year).

And it was fun! It was goofy, it was fun, I tend to have a bad case of "spray and pray" but you never run out of ammo, and of course I just don't have the reflexes I had in my younger days. But I had fun.

It makes me wish I had friends to play it with, but... realistically, most of my friends wouldn't be able to, due to various health reasons. Which is a drag. :/ Because I know I'm a bit of a load until I get experience, but until I can play quite a bit and get experience, I'm going to be a load on the team. That's the way these work.

Also, it's pretty much shoot'em'up nonstop, which is what the game is meant to be, but some kind of story mode or whatever would be nice... but that's what City had, wasn't it? A chance to shoot stuff and still have a story mode, and your team could all be about the same skill level and still get through things.

*sigh* It was fun, though.

ETA: Overwatch will record your best moment in a match (if you have one; that is, it can't just be you messing about) and you can download the video until you completely exit the game, whereupon it seems to disappear. I wish I'd known this yesterday. ^_^

Anyway I got 4 videos today!

Junkrat 1: https://laridian.smugmug.com/Overwatch/n-SLBjfG/i-cBpz7fd/A
(I actually do OK in this one!)

Junkrat 2: https://laridian.smugmug.com/Overwatch/n-SLBjfG/i-cD6Rqs2/A
(only has a clip of his special attack at the end, the match ended then)

Zarya: https://laridian.smugmug.com/Overwatch/n-SLBjfG/i-n4RBs4j/A
(not super special but at least it happened)

Bastion: https://laridian.smugmug.com/Overwatch/n-SLBjfG/i-CBw5DHC/A
(This one was actually Play of the Game!!eleventy!1!! omg!!!)

What are my powers? How do I do specials? What's going on???

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