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October Prompts

Below the cut are a whole bunch of Inktober prompt lists. I included them all from the original post for sake of completeness.

Now, I could try to do arts... but I haven't tried to do any arting since last October when I tried Drawlloween. I'm not sure I would be any good at this.

On the other hand, I might manage short fics or drabbles on some of these lists. Shadowrun for Urban Fantasy? My WW1 soldiers for Post-Apoc or Steampunk? (their world is already off from our timeline anyway, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch) In years past I'd try Supers but idk now; otoh anyone from Johnny Pandemic's world would fit right in with the Space Travelers theme.

I still have a couple of days to think on this. I know I haven't posted fic on my journal(s) for a long time, and the newer folks haven't seen anything I've written, I'm sure.

If anyone else wants to take a whack at this - art or writing or anything - please feel free, I didn't create these lists. :) Feel free to comment, discuss, whatever. I'm feeling like doing a month long challenge.

(I might also do Nanowrimo again this year, but haven't really thought about that one much yet.)

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