Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Quilt: Postal Stars

The Postage Quilt is finished!

Again, technically, just the top... but it's still done! I finally caved in and bought the last fabric online from Amazon. I tried to support my local shops, but not one of the four had it.

So here are the fabrics I ended up using. By the way, technically this isn't a "postage stamp" quilt. That is a type of quilt made up of teeny tiny squares, like 1" or so. This obviously isn't, so it's therefore a postage quilt.

And here's the quilt top. I want to edge it in red, to match the reds throughout the piece, and I'm thinking a red thread for quilting it, to help fill in the big brown areas? (Which are meant to represent manila envelopes, of course)

The borders are from the scrap pieces of the brown and the postage fabrics. And that fills in one of these three pages at last!

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Tags: finished piece, quilt: postage stamp, quilt: postal stars
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