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2017 UFO Challenge List update

I've gotten back to the Postage Stamps Stars quilt project. The blocks are all done and trimmed; I need to figure out a layout and start sewing them together, and work on the border.

So this was a good a time as any to take a look at the UFO and Other Projects lists and update them.

The UFO List is still at the same place:

I have to wait until November to order the last kit for the Space Rows wall hanging.

Next up is Other Projects, Part One:

The only thing left on here is Postal Stars, which I'm working on again.

And here's Part Two of Other Projects. I cleaned out some of the lines and added things I've worked on and some new projects.

I should still try to finish the remaining 4 items on Part Two; like, that table runner. I should find it, if nothing else.

Viking kids' quilts - I'm trying to do a set like the Pirate kids' quilts I did a couple of years ago, and I'm collecting fabrics for it.

Green Pinwheels and Xmas Stonehenge - Just have to get back to those, esp if I need to scare up fabrics to finish them.

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