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100 Days of Duolingo

I've done 100 days in a row of German on Duolingo. I can tell I'm better at reading (and guessing) the language. But I doubt I could speak it. Apart from trying to translate in my head while someone waits for my response, you really need someone to practice against.

Still, I'm getting there, and some parts of it are making more sense to me as I go on. When I said "guess" above, I mean that I can look at the choices and pick out the one that feels correct, and most of the time it is correct.

Conjugations are still trouble, of course, but boy does it help that English is, at root, Germanic, and so many words are the same. If anything, when there's a peculiarly different word, it stands out like a sore thumb.

Also, Duolingo occasionally throws in a sentence I find amusing, like "No soup for you!" or "The boy is eating bugs" or "The mice read a book".

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