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The Postcrossing World Map Quilt

On my Postcrossing profile, I asked for swatches of fabric to use in a(n eventual) quilt. The gallery link is here:

Fabric listing update: 04 October 2018

So here's my plan: I'm going to make a World Map quilt, which I've wanted to do for some time. :D I found an outline map of the world's countries and embiggened it, and did the math wrong so it's, like, 6+'/2m wide, but you know what? That's actually good enough for a wall hanging. ^_^

Any and all Postcrossing fabric swatches will go into this. There are countries of all sizes, so if I get big swatches, they go to the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc and small swatches go to the many smaller countries.

There are ~200 countries in the world, but many of them (Singapore, Vatican City) are too tiny to show even on this map. So let's say ~130-150 countries are actually represented. That's not bad by swatch standards. The water will be separate fabric, I figure a blue tonal will work well.

Toly asked if it would be fabric from countries to represent those countries, but given I am likely to get many from Europe and none from Africa or S.A., that won't work. It'll be based on swatch size, really.

I'm very excited about this project and can't wait to see what fabrics I receive! :D

I'm listing them by card # because I can easily look those up in PX archives.

From CA-750874:
Cotton(?) shirting with gold/tan floral

From DE-6433536:
White cotton with blue fleur de lis

From DE-6489392:
Maroon synthetic, leaf pattern?

From DE-6526303:
Pastels/scarf type print

From DE-6628370:
Stretchy "leggings" type fabric, black with floral

From RU-6072953:
A lovely traditional Russian pattern!

To US-5029344:
This was a card sent from me to the recipient in France, and he was nice enough to send me fabrics afterward :) A big piece each of French Jacquard and English billiard cloth!

From AT-363410
A blue plaid weave (I may have scanned the wrong side, oops):

From CZ-1292986
A swatch of new truck/bus seat upholstery fabric. Nifty!

From LV-281040
Some woven ribbon in red and white. Beautiful! Will be challenging to use this in the world map, but I have a plan :)

From RU-6134351
There's a little stretch in this so I'll have to be careful how to cut it, but it's a lovely color.

From FI-3147719
Isn't this pretty! I need to cut carefully to get that floral into a country shape :)

From IT-435753
This story came with it:
"I love so much your project! I send you a piece of a scarf, isn't beautiful or expensive, but is a piece of my grandmother Luigia. She dead in 2013 but I loved her so much and I want she lives a little in your amazing project!"
This gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. I'm so honored to be given this piece.

From AT-371354
This is described as a tea towel "which is hand-woven and very, very old".

From FI-3167959
I'll have to use this one for a country big enough for the whole cow!

From RU-6274690 (who made a very nice handmade card, uploaded at that link)
Two pieces: a swatch of plaid (held in place with washi tape in the card mailed to me) and some braid. An excerpt of the letter:
"...in a house that was on the top of a hill in the forest where my place is... now I come there when I'm sad. I found the scrap of cloth in the same place. The braid was my grandmother's. This tape is more than 40 years old."

From postcrosser Wiese as part of a congratulations and thanks for hosting the Alphabet Bingo, I got these two pieces, and this note, which I translated into English:
I think your world map quilt is really great and therefore I would like to send you material for it. Some years ago I sewed linen from the orange and from the blue my mother sewed clothes for me and my sister for the wedding of her brother (my uncle).
Also, I've been looking for the two (and a few others) for a handcrafted project. Namely, I want to sew a postcard (US-4858299), which I got, after sewing. On it is the image of a stuffed elephant in a colorful hot air balloon. So far I have only come to choose fabrics.
Let's see who quickly gets out of both!

From DE-7076850:
"[This fabric is] not only German but from Lower Saxony (in the north of Germany, my home."

From FI-3213414:
I love this moose fabric! It's so cute! :D

From RU-6376068:
The sender is a veterinarian in Moscow and sent a big piece with images relating to her profession. :)

From FR-1019836:
This may not actually *be* from France (she says) but the sender is from France, so that's what counts. :)

From DE-7096002:
A nice fat quarter of a "sequin" print.

I have this one but I did not save it with the postcard ID! If this is yours, please let me know so I can credit you!

From US-5355169:
An adorable monkey print! "I made a dress for my granddaughter from this fabric."

From CA-820082:
"My wife used the rest of this fabric to make a baby dress for friends."

From MD-55824:
Three fabrics today from Moldova!

These fabrics are from MD-55824. Can't wait to use them!

These 4 come from UA-1645977. They're precut hexagons and all go together.

These next 3 come from US-5439922. Nice large pieces. I always love Hawaiian shirt themes and the surfing dogs are just too funny. :D

From RU-6609604:

From DE-7284335:

From US-5438489: A charm pack of Moda's "Modern Background: Ink" collection. It's mostly blacks and grays with text/symbols/print on them, which is pretty cool, but I can only use one piece of it for the world map quilt, so I have to choose carefully. Still, what a wonderful gift! :D

From RU-6675305:

From RU-6602736, five different swatches!:

From RU-6675322:

From DE-7416433, a couple of two-tone swatches:

And from Thubcabe in Switzerland, whom I know from the PX forums, a nice big piece of red and white stripes:

From NL-4184019, several lovely swatches!
Translated: "The red/black geometric patterns are also from the Zeeland costume. The everyday aprons were made of these fabrics (but only from the black and white, the red ones are modern.) The white silk is from my bridal costume, the little white lace flowers are from my mother's wedding dress.
The other materials are handicrafts, I think that you will find a good use for it.

(Note the little American flag! This must be a US-source fabric)

Very nautical theme

Bridal lace and wedding dress piece

Black/white and red/white geometric patterns

From FI-3309430, three fabrics.
"I send you some left-over fabrics from the quilted blanket I made for my goddaughter 5 years ago when she graduated at confirmation school."

A very generous gift from from LT-631497 - seven fabrics and a beautiful piece of lace!
She says: "I have read all your profile with the greatest pleasure. You are a very interesting personality and your hobbies are so cute and cozy. I had great pleasure for my eyes and soul :)
I have chosen for you the textile fragments from my daughter's handicraft box and I really hope that it will be ok for your quilts. Best wishes from Lithuania."

Different sizes and colors, all very welcome in my quilt project! (Lace not pictured, my scanner doesn't like lace and some patterns for some reason.)

Today's fabric update is from TR-386232 with two pieces of fabric. From the postcard:
I hope I was at my mum's house now, so I could find a wide variety of fabric patterns! She always holds a lot of leftovers ^_^ These I'm sending are from my house; one of them is a piece of bed linens and the other one is from the scrubs I wear to work every day."
What a wonderful couple of fabrics!

This one comes from FR-1079753, a nice large piece.

From FI-3226719:

And from NL-4208355, this fabric, with the note "The fabric is of my husband's Christmas village."

From FI-3316551:

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