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A card I sent to Poland in March finally got registered. When a card is registered on PX, the registrant has an option to leave a message for the sender. There was no message with this one as to why the card took 171 days to get registered. I'm used to Eastern Europe taking 30 days, and okay, a lot of people take summer off; but this was from March!

Anyway, it finally got registered, and then she uploaded a pic of someone else's card, but at least it's registered and thus counts toward my confirmed-sent totals.

Cards have 60 days to get there; after that they're considered "expired" for a full calendar year, and then they're dropped from tracking. I've had a few Russian cards literally take 3-6 months to arrive. China and Russia are both black holes for postcards. India's not so great either tbh. And yes, if they give their address in their native written language, I print that and tape it to the card to give it a fighting chance of arriving.

But sometimes people just don't bother, which is super frustrating; when someone doesn't log into the site in 3+ months you can pretty much kiss your card goodbye. :( And there's nothing you can do about that.

When a card expires, though, while it can still be registered, the site gives you a new recipient to send a card to in its place. So you're not stuck with old, never-likely-to-be-registered cards keeping you from sending any new ones.

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