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More storm news

Recovery continues. Gas is already hiked in price because there ain't none around here since the refineries shut down due to the storm. However most stores have supplies in our areas again. Elsewhere it's still super bad.

We're a little concerned by reports via word of mouth that places that never flooded, have flooded from Harvey. A little more rain and we'd have been in danger. Any wind and we would have lost power. We are so, so lucky/blessed and are well aware it could go worse next time. Do we buy sandbags? We don't know yet.

Still in the Atlantic but on a dead run for the Caribbean islands. Rule of thumb: If a storm goes north of Cuba, it'll hit Florida/go up the east coast. If a storm goes south of Cuba, it'll go into the Gulf of Mexico. Right now it looks to go north of Cuba. This is small comfort for my relatives on islands east of Puerto Rico (they are already expecting the worst and preparing) and those on the east coast of Florida (some of whom are buying sandbags and others are trying to figure out if they should evacuate). A lot of my Florida relatives live on barrier islands so it's an important decision to make.

That other activity in the Gulf:
Seems to have dissipated, which we're glad of, we don't need another storm right now.

I'm also v tired of being sweaty all the time. (Yes we have power and AC but we're spending a lot of time moving and outdoors and stuff)

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