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At the end of the storm is a golden sky

Things are much better today. The sun actually came out around 6:30 pm! The rain has let up and our road is visible again. Everything is pretty damp, as you might imagine. We got running water back not too long after it shut off, so we're still fortunate there too.

We don't know when mail will resume. We still don't have internet (posting this by phone). But my brother and his family were able to drive to visit us in the afternoon, so things are definitely improving.

The little Walmart (grocery type) and Kroger and McDonalds etc are all open - some with long lines; some with empty shelves; some are rationing what people can buy.

Toly's workplace got about 18" of water in it. It drained back out by the time anyone could get there, but you can see the waterline on the walls and stuff. They're still checking on damages (equipment and product) and they'll probably have to move from that location. At least one computer (which was off) got wet. Toly may end up working from home as well. They need to get moving again and get back in business, and based on last year's flood response, it may take months for the landlord to get the place fixed up.

Many places are still wet or underwater - the elementary school where the kids went is surrounded by floodwater - and again we're thankful that our house is on high enough ground and we never lost power.

I made some throw pillow covers. Will take pix at some point when I can upload them.

It looks like the worst is over, as far as the rain and floods.

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